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Blog Challenge 2

Blog Challenge 2 – A New Name for your Class


Are you ready for your next challenge?   Fantastic!

I would like you to think of an inspirational name for your class for September 2015. Please think very carefully and explain your reasons for choosing this name.  We already have 2 classes called Lions and Tigers, these names were chosen because of the characters of the animals; strong, brave and powerful.  You might want to think of an inspirational famous person; a Bird of Prey, for example a wise owl; a colour.  Be as creative as you like but remember to explain why you have picked your name.




How to complete your challenge.

Please reply to your class teacher on your class blog.  Suggest a new name for your Class and the reason why you think it should be called it.  Your class teacher will then pick 3 of their favourites for you to vote for.  The one with the most votes will be the winner.

Prize – £10 one4all gift voucher (one per class)