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Hi there, I am the Foundation Stage Manager and Lions Class teacher.

Blog Challenge 2

Blog Challenge 2 – A New Name for your Class


Are you ready for your next challenge?   Fantastic!

I would like you to think of an inspirational name for your class for September 2015. Please think very carefully and explain your reasons for choosing this name.  We already have 2 classes called Lions and Tigers, these names were chosen because of the characters of the animals; strong, brave and powerful.  You might want to think of an inspirational famous person; a Bird of Prey, for example a wise owl; a colour.  Be as creative as you like but remember to explain why you have picked your name.




How to complete your challenge.

Please reply to your class teacher on your class blog.  Suggest a new name for your Class and the reason why you think it should be called it.  Your class teacher will then pick 3 of their favourites for you to vote for.  The one with the most votes will be the winner.

Prize – £10 one4all gift voucher (one per class)

Would you like to blog yourself stupid?

Good! I Knew you would!

So here goes!

Firstly, thank you to all the lovely children who commented on my last blog, especially you Owin, you are a top chap.

Secondly, everybody else out there brace yourself for a blogtastic challenge.  Here’s what you do.

1. Go home and talk to your parents (I know that will be painful) and ask them what would be a fantastic thing for you to write about on your class blog. It must be something you and your family would desperately like to read about and might interest lots of people.

2. Share your ideas with your class teacher and the children in your class.

3. Your class teacher will listen to your idea (with a growing sense of pride in your genius) and she will then choose the one she likes best to post on your class blog using #challenge1.

4.  You, your class mates, friends, family and everyone need to get commenting on this blog.

5.  The class who gets the most comments on their blog wins a shockingly unhealthy but free trip to MacDonalds (What a top prize!)

Good luck and have fun 🙂

PS your blog should start on Monday 9th February and it will be judged on Monday 2nd March.